Thursday, March 23, 2006

In case you did not see it

This is an extract from the Nation News of 22nd March;

The Mzuzu University has taken to task its Assistant Finance Officer to account for K2.5 million project money he earlier agreed was irregularly transacted, The Nation has learnt. The money, meant for the Secondary School Teacher Improvement Programme (SSTIP), was allegedly banked in the personal account of Assistant Finance Officer J.B.Simkoko.

Both Vice-Chancellor Prof Peter Mwanza and Registrar Reginald Mushani could not be reached for comment Tuesday as they were said to be in meetings.But a letter in our possession dated March 20 written by Mwanza ordered Simkoko to surrender the money by Monday noon, but did not specify what would happen if the deadline was not met.“You are aware that we discussed the matter about a payment made to yourself on SSTIP Bank Account cheque number 457 of March 7, 2006, amounting to MK2.5 million without a list of recipients.“You agreed that the transaction was an abnormal one and required regularising as soon as possible. I therefore request that you produce the cash first so that it can be disbursed only upon receipt of the approved required list of recipients from the Project Coordinator,” wrote Mwanza.

College insiders claim the issue goes right up and may unearth more of what has happened to several other projects.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But did he pay you dues akho!
Inu aphunzitsi kumawadyetsa phala nkuti simugwidwa?

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

koma ad inu, eeeh!! Mumachi..heavy!!

5:44 PM  

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