Friday, March 17, 2006

Atcheya(Mr. Msiska)

Akulu, Akulu. Balala, Balala;

Just last week we were mourning the untimely death of our friend Smile Mtoso (may his soul rest in peace) and today we are laying Atcheya (Mr. Msiska) to rest.

Mr. Msiska was in the cafeteria section(of mzuzu university) and was an amicable character. Amaugula!

We do not know what wrong we have done in the face of The Almighty but if we continue dying at this rate then i!i!i! we will all die before reaching 40 years.

Of course we are told kuti life expectancy(ya ku malawi) is now around 35 koma mn mn mn Mulungu tikhulukireni.

May the souls of the departed brothers rest in eternal peace.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats some sad news you got there. How did he die. Was he sick?


3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gees man whats going on there....will I find people when I return???? May their souls rest in peace.


6:07 PM  

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