Friday, April 07, 2006

The untimely death of Patson Mtambalika

I have received the following mail from Phillip Mkandawire;

"Hello Guys

Hope you are fine with me i am fine.Just wanted to let you know that Patson Mtambalika is no more. His cousin Steven Goru told me about the sad news yesterday. From what Goru said it seems he was suffering from cerebral malaria .

Patson was working for the Govt as a Physical Science teacher at Bwaila Sec school ,he was staying in area 49 .

Details on where his remains will be laid to rest are as now sketchy.Its bad to lose such a young and dynamic friend.May his soul rest in eternal peace .


If you see a brand new day, drop your head a say a little prayer in His honour. Indeed life is short and we all have to repent.

Leave a comment on my blog on what you liked about about Patson.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

In case you did not see it

This is an extract from the Nation News of 22nd March;

The Mzuzu University has taken to task its Assistant Finance Officer to account for K2.5 million project money he earlier agreed was irregularly transacted, The Nation has learnt. The money, meant for the Secondary School Teacher Improvement Programme (SSTIP), was allegedly banked in the personal account of Assistant Finance Officer J.B.Simkoko.

Both Vice-Chancellor Prof Peter Mwanza and Registrar Reginald Mushani could not be reached for comment Tuesday as they were said to be in meetings.But a letter in our possession dated March 20 written by Mwanza ordered Simkoko to surrender the money by Monday noon, but did not specify what would happen if the deadline was not met.“You are aware that we discussed the matter about a payment made to yourself on SSTIP Bank Account cheque number 457 of March 7, 2006, amounting to MK2.5 million without a list of recipients.“You agreed that the transaction was an abnormal one and required regularising as soon as possible. I therefore request that you produce the cash first so that it can be disbursed only upon receipt of the approved required list of recipients from the Project Coordinator,” wrote Mwanza.

College insiders claim the issue goes right up and may unearth more of what has happened to several other projects.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Put a smile on your face!

Baba and Nana were sitting in back of their trailers, shooting the breeze.Baba asked Nana, "If I snuck ovah to yore house while you wuz out fishin'an' I made love to yore wife, an' she got pregnant, would that make us kin?"Nana scratched his head for a bit then said,"I don't think so, but it shore would make us even." Baba fainted.
The Choice is yours.....

Iknow that some of you will not finish reading this posting as it contains nothing pornographic! Tell you what? Pornography wont save you on the big day, you will go to hell!

This is a true story of something that happened just afew years ago at USC.There was a professor of philosophy there who was adeeply committed atheist.His primary goal for one required class was to spendthe entire semesterattempting to prove that God couldn't exist.His students were always afraid to argue with himbecause of his impeccable logic.For twenty years, he had taught this class and no onehad ever had the courage to go against him.Sure, some had argued in class at times, but no one had ever really gone against him because ofhis reputation.At the end of every semester on the last day, he wouldsay to his class of 300 students,''If there is anyone here who still believes in Jesus,stand up!''In twenty years, no one had ever stood up.They knew what he was going to do next.He would say,''Because anyone who believes in God is a fool.If God existed, he could stop this piece of chalk fromhitting the ground and breaking.Such a simple task to prove that He is God, and yet Hecan't do it.''And every year, he would drop the chalk onto the tilefloor ofthe classroom and it would shatter into a hundredpieces.All of the students would do nothing but stop andstare.Most of the students thought that God couldn't exist.Certainly, a number of Christians had slipped through,but for 20 years, they had Been too afraid to standup.Well, a few years ago there was a freshman whohappened to enroll.He was a Christian, and had heard the stories abouthis professor.He was required to take the class for his major, andhe was afraid.But for three months that semester, he prayed everymorning that he would have the courageto stand up no matter what the professor said, or whatthe class thought.Nothing they said could ever shatter his faith...hehoped.Finally, the day came.The professor said,''If there is anyone here who still believes in God,stand up!''The professor and the class of 300 people looked athim, shocked,as he stood up at the back of the classroom.The professor shouted,''You FOOL!!!If God existed, he would keep this piece of chalk frombreaking when it hit the ground!''He proceeded to drop the chalk, but as he did, it slipped out of his fingers, off hisshirt cuff onto the pleat of his pants,down his leg, and off his shoe.As it hit the ground, it simply rolled away unbroken.The professor's jaw dropped as he stared at the chalk.He looked up at the young man, and then ran out of thelecture hall.The young man who had stood, proceeded to walk to thefront of the roomand shared his faith in Jesus for the next half hour.300 students stayed and listened as he told of God'slove for them andof His power through Jesus.o - O - oYou have 2 choices1. Leave this page and never look at it again.2. Share this page with your Christian andnon-Christian friends,giving them encouragement we all need every day.When you choose option 2, you have chosen to STAND UP for Jesus

Mukuziona bwanji? ndithu a sam mpasu kapezeka kumanda usiku (ali buno buno?).

He must have faced sanctions from his wife! (no sex for 3 years!)

How can he be found at such a place at that time?

Ufiti basi!

Chek out what he intended to do!

big sam

Mukuziona bwanji? ndithu a sam mpasu kapezeka kumanda usiku (ali buno buno?).

He must have faced sanctions from his wife! (no sex for 3 years!)

How can he be found at such place at that time?

Ufiti basi!

Chek out what he intended to do!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Atcheya(Mr. Msiska)

Akulu, Akulu. Balala, Balala;

Just last week we were mourning the untimely death of our friend Smile Mtoso (may his soul rest in peace) and today we are laying Atcheya (Mr. Msiska) to rest.

Mr. Msiska was in the cafeteria section(of mzuzu university) and was an amicable character. Amaugula!

We do not know what wrong we have done in the face of The Almighty but if we continue dying at this rate then i!i!i! we will all die before reaching 40 years.

Of course we are told kuti life expectancy(ya ku malawi) is now around 35 koma mn mn mn Mulungu tikhulukireni.

May the souls of the departed brothers rest in eternal peace.